Today’s important needs In 2020

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Today’s important needs are maintaining social distance, wear mask, and use sanitizer in 2020. Everyone knows the meaning of the word “Social Distance”, but do we follow it? Wear Mask and Using Sanitizer is it that difficult? Also, we know the reason behind it, don’t we? Still many of us fail to do this simple thing. Everybody have different needs in life but now its time to categorize our today’s important needs or today’s needs of the world.

Let’s check in detail about these important needs in 2020

Social Distance:

The above image is a simple example of how to maintain social distance. Is it so difficult? NO, right? Then too, many of us are facing problems in it. I wonder why so.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

For example: If even a single person standing in a line is infected by that virus as shown in the above image and the rest of them are maintaining social distance then chances of getting infected by that one person are so less, but yes if you are wearing a mask as shown in the first image where all the people wear masks only then you are safe.

Wear Mask:

Image by Pintera Studio from Pixabay

Now even this is simple, isn’t it? But still, we are lacking behind in this too.

  1. How to use a mask?
  2. How to wear it?
  3. How to remove it?
  4. How to wash it?

Doctors have explained it very well that too so many times, we need to just follow it.

Wearing a mask will slow down the spread. Once you wear a mask you are not supposed to touch it now and then. Now even we can use homemade masks that are washable and reusable.

Using Sanitizer:

  • Again, this is simple for all of us. Using sanitizer will help germs to get killed if they are by chance present on our hands.
  • Always clean your hands with sanitizer when you’re at the office, traveling through public transport, or even you can use the hand wash if possible.
  • Remember do not overuse it.
  • Wash your hands using any hand wash or soap for 20 sec.


  • Why is it so difficult to maintain social distance?
  • Why do some of the people don’t follow it?
  • Why now and then celebs, the government need to say maintain social distance?
  • Why don’t we take it seriously?
  • Why don’t we understand it’s for our safety?
  • Why don’t we value the lives of our Doctor, Medical Staff, Police, who are on duty just to save our life?
  • Why don’t we think just by doing such a simple task will save many of us?
  • Why aren’t we aware of what are our important needs?

The below image shows how that virus fails to attack a person standing within a particular distance.

Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay

So why not maintain social distance!!

Avoid talking without wearing a mask

If we don’t use mask then there are more chances of getting infected with this virus. As we know while talking our droplets might fall on the opposite person with whom you are talking, due to which one whose not using a mask increases the chances of that virus to infect that person.

What is the main reason behind doing all this? Below image very well describes it, Am I RIGHT?

The main reason behind following all the above things is COVID-19 because of which the entire world was in “Total Lockdown. Still, do we have to avoid it? If NO then let’s promise ourselves that

“We will maintain Social Distance, wear a mask and follow proper sanitization and save our lives accordingly, saving other’s lives too”.

As now we are aware of today’s important needs, we should try to make people understand the importance of this things. Ultimately this will help all of us to fight with that virus and defeat it. I know many of us are following these three steps sincerely and giving their best to help not only their people but even their country. But this “Many Of US” needs to be changed to “ALL Of US”, only then we can defeat this virus more easily and quickly. And I believe all of us will give our 100% and will focus on our actual important needs in 2020.

Give helping hands to the needy and also spread awareness.

Make it a Habit Because.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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