Important things we learned in Lockdown 2020

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Image by Bob McEvoy from Pixabay

We all have experienced and witnessed “Total Lockdown 2020” all over the world. Something unpredictable came into our lives and things changed. Silent roads, closed shops, no traffic, no noise pollution, closed schools and colleges, closed offices,etc. This change is so big that all of us have learned many things. Surprisingly we also came to know our hidden talent and many more…

Things learned in lockdown 2020

To be updated watching daily News: Many of us were not that interested in watching news or reading newspaper. But now in this lockdown all of us got the habit to watch news daily.

“To practice Yoga daily: We were so busy in our lives that we were not that serious to take care of our health. No regular yoga practice or meditation. And now we came to know the importance of being healthy and started practicing yoga daily.

“To be Alert: Now all of us became more alert about things going around. Initially we were too careless about our health but during this lockdown many of us started getting health insurance, family insurance, mediclaim, and so on.

To be Hygienic: Already we are hygienic but now we are little more careful about our hygiene. Everyone loves hygienic food but sometimes we compromise in our hygiene when we are too hungry. But due to this pandemic disease now all of us prefer to be more hygienic or say eating healthy foods for healthy life.

To be Caring: We all care for our family, friends don’t we? But now what’s the change in this? Yes you guessed right now we are caring little more when we came to know the reason behind this lockdown.

To spend Time with Family: We were busy in our work and many other things due to which we didn’t get time to spend with our family. But now this lockdown gave us this chance.

To list out Essential Needs: Now during this lockdown we learned to list out our important needs. No unnecessary shopping, no wasting money, food, and many such things.

To cut short our Expenses“: This lockdown also taught us to spend money on only things that are important and save money.

To cook many tasty dishes“: Yes, your right tasty snacks, where we were only happy with cooking Maggi. But now many of us can cook even fast food.

Self-grooming“: Yes many of started self-grooming as we know salons are closed during this lockdown.

Kids started learning online“: Even now small kids have started learning online as schools are closed. Many of the kids have even started learning coding, new technologies, developing websites, app development developing small software or hardware, digital marketing, marketing or social media influencing, etc.

To believe in God“: In this pandemic situation we all are praying for each other and our faith in god is getting more strong as he will remove all of us from this situation.

Lots of Ideas“: All of us are now with full of new ideas related work, small business, diy products and many more.

  • Important observation or comparison all of us might have done during this lockdown 2020 about our past needs and today’s needs is that we don’t need much in our lives as we think.
  • Every one of us knows the reason behind Lockdown 2020 that is COVID-19 because of which all of us need to stay home and follow three basic instructions like Social Distancing, Wear Mask, Use Sanitizer.
  • Work From Home!! All of us use to think working from home is so comfortable. But now we know that’s not true. 
  • Week Off !! How badly or say eagerly we use to wait for it. But now staying home for so many days made us realize the value of those two days’ holiday we get from the office.
  • We learned how to save money, by shortlisting our necessary needs.
  • During this Lockdown 2020, we started self-analysis, some people started a small business, etc. But yes we can’t deny the bad side of this lockdown 2020, many of us lost the job, people are in trouble not only financially but mentally, emotionally too. 
  • Also many of us got the opportunity to spend time with family,kids.
  • Still, one thing is very sure that it’s not the end.
  • All of us will face it and come out of this situation and we will be more Energetic,  Positive, and Full of Hopes. 
  • So Say No to all Negative thoughts in this lockdown 2020.
  • I believe All of us will be back soon after this lockdown 2020!!!

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