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Django 3 mini projects

In this blog, I’m setting up a Django mini project. Where I’m going to tell you how URLs, views, and templates interact with each other. So this will be one of the small Django example projects you can say. So this blog will be useful for those who are doing their studies in Information Technology … Read more

Steps : To create Django 3 project quickly in minutes


Hello Techies, In this blog, we will learn steps to create Django 3 Project. In this blog, I’m giving you the Django example project and also tell you how to run Django 3 projects in cmd. Introduction Django is an open-source framework that’s primarily based on the python programming language. Django software foundation maintains the … Read more

How To Install Django 3 On Ubuntu Linux

django 3 on ubuntu

Hello Techies, In this post, I am going to cover simple steps on how to install Django 3 on Ubuntu Linux machine. We have to follow some basic steps whenever we create any new Django application like, do not use the same virtual environment for multiple applications. I always recommend you to use a separate … Read more

How to install Django 3 on Windows 10

steps to install django3 on windows10

Hello Techies, Have you been facing any difficulties in what are the steps to install Django 3 on windows 10 system? If so, then you’re within the right place. In this article, I’m covering each step that is required to install Django 3 on windows 10 like Download & Install Python 3.8.3, Steps to install … Read more