Write Custom Django Middleware

Django Middleware

Hello Techies, In this blog, we will discuss the use of Django middleware with a practical example. Middleware is a regular class of Python that hooks into Django’s request / response life cycle. There are 2 types of Django middleware : Built-in middleware Custom middleware Built-in middleware Django provides built-in middleware classes. Each middleware component … Read more

Django Admin Theme(AdminLTE) – Easy integration in 5 minutes

Django Admin Theme

Hello Techies, In this blog, we will discuss the Django admin theme integration. Most developers have questions on how to change the Django admin theme? So I am creating this blog to solve this problem. I’ve covered several topics based on the Django admin interface, such as how to create superuser, how to register models … Read more

Register models in Django admin(Django admin model class)

Register models in Django admin

Hello Techies, This blog is about, how to register models in Django admin. In my previous blog, I have covered all the basic things about the Django admin panel like how to create superuser, how to change Django admin panel header and site name, etc. So in this blog, we will check how to register … Read more

Django Admin Tutorial : Django create superuser

Django admin tutorial

Hello Techies, We know that Django is one of the best frameworks of Python which provides many features including authentication, Admin panel, contact form, file upload and support, and much more. In this Django admin tutorial blog, we will see what features Django admin offers. Django Admin Tutorial: Step By Step Features of Django Admin: … Read more