Tips to Impress your client by effective technical presentation

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In this blog, I’m giving you some tips for creating an effective technical presentation. So don’t worry if your manager told you to give a technical presentation to a client.

Technical Presentation Tips

  • Clear
  • Organized
  • Professional

When you explain your product, you can focus on the points below

  • Overview of the software.
  • Scope of software.
  • Write key points about your models which you are covering in that software.
  • The workflow of the software.
  • Show designs of the dashboard and other pages to get them a clear idea  about your product.

Communication Tips

  • Practices
  • Establish Eye Contact
  • Deep knowledge about the product, If anyone has any doubts about the product you should be ready to answer it.
  • Do not read slides
  • Do not talk to the screen
  • Good Voice

Use Quality Visual

  • Use computer slide(PowerPoint)
  • Use projector
  • Use images & graphics which are related to your product. If you are explaining a product that is based on the software then try to explain basic things like the workflow of your product which technology you are using, database structure, in short, to tell them basic architecture about your product.
  • For animation, you can use morph in PowerPoint but Avoid too much animation.
  • For the flowchart, you can use where you will get different shapes related to technology.
  • The appropriate size for font easy reading.
  • Stay within the allotted time.


  • Make sure your speech should be organized.
  • On technical talk, you have to point out the topic (emphasize) you are focusing on and you should have deep technical knowledge.
  • Try to give them some visual demo so the functional points get clear to the client.
  • Try to make the presentation simple because simple is always better than the complex.
  • Ask the question or also you can ask them their ideas.

If you think this Tips for creating an effective technical presentation is really helpful then don’t forget to share this blog with your friends. Also, we have covered the blog on basic presentation.

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