Say Yes To Me Time

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What is Me Time? Don’t you think even your “Important” or say even you have the right to spend time on yourself? Have you ever thought about it? Many of us are not even aware of what is Me Time, sad but true.Yes, it is always “OK” to have your own “Me Time”.

Sometimes all of us feel like going away and stay alone for time being. We wanna just talk to ourselves, live the way we want, enjoy, have fun by doing small things which might be silly for others, ask ourselves where we went wrong, what are the good things that happened in our life, etc.

But do we do so? I mean do we seriously get time for this? Talking about me, my answer is a big NO. I never got my “Me Time” honestly!! Doesn’t matter still we all can, am I right? Do we all know the value of Me Time?

Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, last when we met each other, when was our last conversation, what did I do for you to make you happy?? Many of us might not get answers to these questions but never mind “Better late than Never”.

Let’s start how can we find our Me Time:

  • Give a small start. You can’t suddenly stop things you do in your daily routine. So do it one by one.
  • Decide how much Me Time do you need.
  • Make a schedule. Manage to take out some time from your daily routine.
  • Always say yes to yourself.
  • Tasks that are important finish them on time or say before time. This will save some amount of time which you can utilize later on.
  • Talking about Weekends, please try to stay at home, explore yourself, take rest. As we all are busy in our life and so all of us complain about the lack of sleep.
  • Try to say no for extra activities when you have some left out time. This will help you to get some more Me Time.
  • Ask yourself what you want to do in your Me Time? For example:
    • Learning something which is left out long back due to busy schedule
    • Self-Care (This is most important)
    • Reading books
    • Listening to Music
    • Watching Movies
    • Dance practice
    • Cooking
    • Sports activities and many more.

There are so many things one can do according to their own choice.

self care isn't selfish
Photo by Madison Inouye from Pexels
  • Giving time for yourself is not that you are a selfish person, but yes its realization to you that even you are important.
  • Say yes to positive things. It’s a good practice to in-built positive thoughts in your mind. Being positive will help you to make wise decisions in even worst situations. Your confidence level will also increase simultaneously.
  • You have the right to love yourself, to talk to yourself, to stay alone for time being, relax, enjoy. Have fun in your life don’t just be in tension and keep on worrying about things. Learn to live life, try to see good in things and enjoy each moment of life.
  • Once you start doing this you will experience a sort of Happiness in your life, feeling more energetic, also ready for new challenges. You will experience a good change in your life.
  • As we know Time never stop for anyone similarly the day which is gone will never come back, so live this moment for yourself also. Because same day is not going to come back again in anybody’s lives.
  • So If Not Now Then Never Ever.

Hope you all liked this blog and would try to take out time for yourself.

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