Tips on how to Improve Presentation Skills

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Presentation skills are skills where one should deliver quality information related to the topic to the audience. One should be clear with their concepts and try to be specific. Also, you should know the importance of presentation skills because this will help you whenever you are giving any presentation at your college or office.

You can also record your presentation while practicing. This will help you to know your body language, what words are you using like are they complicated or too simple, and also you will be able to improve your presentation skills. Also, you can add some small story related to the topic.

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13 Ways to improve presentation skills

  1. “Self-Confidence, but not overconfidence”. One should have self-confidence while giving a presentation. This will give a positive impact on your client or audience.
  2. “Make eye contact with your audience”. This will help you to connect with them. Direct eye contact with your client or audience will give them a message that you are confident enough and have knowledge about the topic that you are presenting. Also, you will get a message from them like whether they are listening or stay attentive.
  3. “Interact with your audience”. Which is a sign of good presentation skills. Try to communicate with your client or audience while giving a presentation because you will be able to know how much they understood the topics or points which you are presenting.
  4. “You should be audible”. Suppose your mike is not working at that moment, so you need to speak loud enough so that person sitting in the last row should be able to hear your voice.
  5. “Providing quality information related to the said topic”. Always try to talk focus on the topic which you are presenting instead of explaining the rest of the details which may not be that necessary.
  6. “Use Keywords in your presentation”. Keywords are those words that should be highlighted in your presentation due to which when the client is reading any of the keywords he/she should be able to relate the topic in detail.
  7. “Creating slides that contain selected points with less description”. Your slide should contain single line points as this is a good practice of giving an effective presentation. Always remember your slide should never contain a detailed description of the topic as it will give a bad impression to the client or audience.
  8. Adding images, graphs, charts which will directly relate to your topic“. Adding all this to your presentation will help your client or audience to understand your topic more easily.
  9. Clarity and Knowledge about the topic your presenting“. When you are giving a presentation you should have the entire knowledge of a particular topic because, when a question arises from the crowd you should be able to answer it correctly with full of knowledge.
  10. Follow basic rules” Like font size 30 for points and larger font for titles, try using bright colors, simple design, fewer slides.
  11. The presentation time should not be too long“. like it should be for 20 mins. (If your topic is vast enough which can’t fit in 20 mins, so you can take a break after 20 mins session and then continue again, this will not bore your audience and they can easily connect to you.)
  12. Ability to answers doubts raised by your audience”. You should be able to answer all the doubts raised by your clients or audience in the presentation session.
  13. “The conclusion should be short but impressive enough”. The short conclusion is always impressive and easy to fit in the mind of your client or audience.

So these are some of the presentation skills that you need to in-built to make your presentation more effective. Do practice these presentation skills and impress your client or audience.

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