What does Freedom Means to You?

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Hello friends!! Today’s topic is “What does Freedom Means to You?”. The meaning of the word Freedom is simple but at the same time, the definition of this word is different for different people. For some of us, freedom means to be independent, for some, it means to behave, speak, to go where they wish, or do what they want to do freely.

There are many different definitions or say the meaning of this word to different people but the important thing that we should never forget is Never taking freedom for granted. Because as we know there are two sides of the same coin similarly when you get freedom for a particular thing there might be another side of it.

There are many types of freedom and its meaning varies from person to person. Below is the list of types of freedom:

  1. Speech
  2. Express
  3. Religion
  4. Slavery
  5. Association
  6. Live

Let’s check what freedom means in detail one by one.

Below are the types of Freedom that we want in our lives and what does freedom means in detail:


This is one of the important freedom for all of us that is the freedom to speak as an individual or as a representative when you are in a group or organization. Everyone one of us knows the importance of freedom of speech and it is our right to speak when it is necessary.


Next, is the freedom to express ideas, feelings, share opinions with others. Everyone has the right to express it because when you express your ideas with others then it results in sharing knowledge and even you get the same in return.


One has the right to believe, practice any religion of their own choice. No one can force anyone to worship a particular religion and follow it. It’s up to you which religion you should worship and practice.

But important is to respect other’s religion also no matter whether you follow it or not.


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No one in this world would like to be a slave of someone. Everyone wants to be free and freedom from slavery and it’s our right. Freedom from slavery means one is free from his/her owner’s right to ask you to do things that you don’t want to.

People who might have faced slavery and all the trouble, violence, pain, stress only know the real value of what freedom means.


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One should have the right to choose to join or leave a particular firm or organization or group. It should be our own choice to select with whom we want to be.

The Association Freedom describes the essentials of human rights in order to collectively express, promote, pursue and / or protect common interests
with other individuals.


Freedom to live your life with your own rules and wish. One should have the right to live their life the way they want also, one should have their own choice to dress-up the way they want, to eat the food they want, and so on.

Life is God’s gift and we should thank him for the same.

These were some of the types of freedom that we all expect in our lives. Hope you all like this blog and I also know that there are many more such types of freedom that you all might expect in your lives. And I believe that you all might have realized what freedom means and how it is important to us.

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