Simple ways to build Self-Respect

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Hello friends!! Today let’s talk about “Self-Respect”. What is Self-Respect? Self-Respect means respecting oneself with full honor and valuing your worth as a person. People with self-respect live life by maintaining their dignity.

Why Self-Respect is important? Self-Respect is important because it will help you to stand against things that are forcing you to compromise on your values or ethics. One can face such situations and have the power to say no or what is wrong going around.

Ways to Build Self-Respect

Analyze Yourself:

Self-Analysis is always important as it will help you to know what’s right and wrong with you. Also, you will be able to study about yourself and will get to know more things about you. After doing self-analysis you can prioritize your strengths, weakness, and what you have to improve in yourself.

To be honest every one of us have enough time to point out others and study them instead of analyzing ourselves. Don’t we? Studying others is good but, at the same time think about yourself too.

Learn to handle worst:

As we know all days are not the same so, we should be prepared to even handle the worst. There are so many twists and turns or ups and down in all of our lives but, we all need to be strong enough to handle many situations.


Yes, you have to forgive people for your inner peace. Why be in those sad thoughts or be in anger? Why spoil our mood because of them? Instead, just free such thoughts and be happy in your world.

Give Respect:

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All parents teach their little one’s to respect their elders. This lesson we learned in our childhood itself. But as we are growing some of us are forgetting to follow this which is being taught to us in our childhood. So, let’s practice this on daily basis.

To gain respect first you have to give respect. This sounds simple but then too some of us find it difficult. If you have to earn respect learn to give the same to even a person who is small in the position from you.

Be Real:

It’s very rare to find real people in this world, isn’t it? Instead of expecting others to be real why can’t we start it from our self? If you are real automatically you will also find some more real people around.

Also, it’s very difficult to be real and honest. Many obstacles might come in your life that might let you down and change you for some reason but you have to prove yourself in such situations.

Be Responsible:

Being a responsible person will make people trust you and rely on you without any second thoughts. One should take responsibility for their family and work and should never forget the same at any cost. Also, should never forget one more important responsibility that is towards our nation, our society.

For example; when you do your task on time with full responsibility in the office then, you become a trustworthy person and eligible for appreciation. Also, your self-worth increases accordingly. So, add this quality to yourself.

Love Yourself:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It’s very important to love yourself first as it will keep you happy and more energetic and stay positive. Self-care is the most important. Only then you can care for others more efficiently.


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  • One should have self-control as a Habit in their life.
  • Self-control should not only be for anger, food, but it should also be for discipline, behavior, emotions, reacting to situations, control your expenses, etc.
  • Initially, it might be difficult but slowly you can, because nothing is impossible. Important is how much effort you take.

These were some of the simple ways to build Self-Respect within you. One should try to practice these tips in their daily life. Hope you all like this blog.

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