Easy ways to build Self-Confidence

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Hello friends!! Today I am going to discuss “Self-Confidence”. What is Self-Confidence? Confidence means self belief and having faith in your strength and abilities. One who believes themselves will be successful in life and have the ability to handle the worst situation with ease.

You might be thinking that we all know the meaning of Self-Confidence but we lack behind in building it in ourselves. So, the major question is How to Improve Self-Confidence in ourselves? Am I right? There are many ways to build self-confidence in ourselves, let’s check some Self Confidence building activities.

Ways to Build Self-Confidence:

Analyze Yourself:

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Self-Analysis is always important as it will help you to know what’s right and wrong with you. Also, you will be able to study yourself and will get to know more things about yourself. After doing self-analysis you can prioritize what are your strengths, weakness, and what you have to improve in yourself.

To be honest every one of us have enough time to point out others and study them instead of analyzing ourselves. Don’t we? Studying others is good but, at the same time think about yourself too.

Do Things that are Challenging for you:

This is the next important thing that is Challenging Yourself, Isn’t it? Everyone is ready to challenge others but when it’s our time what do we do? So, if you want to build Self-Confidence what you have to do is Challenge Yourself.

Start from small challenges. First list out things in which you are weak or say that is somewhat impossible for you and then try to do that thing. Initially, you might fail to complete that challenge but by trying you can make out why you failed last time.

That’s how you can start from small challenges and then increase the level. This will not only help you to Building Self confidence level but also your mind will become more active.

List out your weakness and improve them:

Now that you have analyzed yourself you very well know what are your weakness and strengths. Make a list of all your weakness and start from one which can be overcome little more easily.

Say, for example, some people go blank or get nervous on stage facing a huge crowd or say in short, some people have stage fear. So, to overcome this first you have to start with a group of selected people like friends, family, office colleagues. Practice facing a small crowd only then you will have confidence in yourself to face a huge number of people.

When you think you have lack of Confidence in yourself then, try to develop Self Confidence, improve speaking which will also help in self-improvement.

 As you know our friends, the family will not lie to us, they will honestly point out our mistakes and will help us to rectify them. So, share with your family members about your weakness and get guidance from them.

Set short Goals:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Next, you have to set short goals on daily basis. By doing this you will get to know how much time you take to complete set goals whether you do it before time or on time or there is some delay. This will give an idea about your capability and how do you complete your tasks or achieve your goals.

By setting short goals you will keep yourself active and more energetic when you complete your goal and you are ready for the new one.

Take Care of Yourself:

self care isn't selfish
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Always Love yourself and care for yourself. In this busy life, we don’t have time to even spend time for ourselves and just relax and enjoy. We are so busy in our work, running in a race to prove ourselves that how best we are from others, taking care of family members, etc.

But we don’t think about ourselves or say some of us take themselves for granted. So, now very first you have to take care of yourself because if you are fit and happy only then, you can do things well and be successful in life.

Motivate Yourself:

To boost your strength, thoughts, overcome your fear what you all need is Motivation”. If you are surrounded by motivated people you will be a person full of confidence, positivity, and having the courage to face many situations.

Everyone needs motivation at different stages of life because not all days are the same. Motivation gives you the power to tackle things and go ahead to achieve all the set goals.

But Self-Motivation is a must. You always have to motivate yourself and believe in yourself. Never let down and lose faith in yourself no matter what is the situation.

Ask Yourself:

Yes, you read right Ask Yourself. There are so many things you should ask to yourself, for example, stand in front of the mirror and

  • Ask whether you are right with what you are doing?
  • Ask are you happy?
  • Ask this is what you want to be in life?
  • Ask are you living?
  • Ask are you Honest to yourself?

When you will get an answer to these questions you come to know what is you going on in your life. Due to which it will make you realize where you are lagging and what you have to improvise.

Be Positive even in worst situations:

This is also one of the important factor in life that is to be positive in all situations. Come what may you should be positive all time and never give up. This will boost your self-confidence and your state of mind will be stable. For increasing positivity, you can even do meditation, yoga.

These were some of the tips to build self-confidence in yourself. Hope you all like this blog and would practice these ways to build self-confidence. Also, self-improvement is important in our lives for that you can check my blog which is related to self-improvement.

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