Time Travel: One of my Wish

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time travel
Image by Gabe Raggio from Pixabay

In this busy life, all of us sometimes wish to What If Time Travel would have been possible? But what is time travel? Going in your past and experiencing those days again by seeing your older version. Also getting a golden opportunity to change many wrong things occurred in our lives.

Especially we all would like to correct our mistakes, those things which we regret in present. Isn’t it crazy? But still, we all wish for it, to be, honest even I sometimes feel like I wish I could time travel at least once in life.

Let’s Experience Time Travel?

Where would you like to travel first like in your childhood or school days or college days? Some of us might like to travel in childhood time, where we were tension-free, no worries about the future, always staying in the protection of our parents. In our childhood we have lot of freedom, lot fun in short a happening life. Our mom and dad use to bring lots of games, toys for us. Whatever we wish to have we use to get it. Wow those were the “Golden Days of our Life”.

Imagine you reached in time where you were studying for your board exams!! Omg!! Is it reminding you of those days right now when you are reading this blog? So, think you are there and seeing yourself preparing for your exams. What did you see? Early morning sincerely, you are studying, having a cup of tea or coffee to freshen you. Trying to study hard those left-over chapters and assuming at least one question is going to come from this chapter. Oh god!!! This is reminding me of my board exams better let’s go ahead.

Now let’s travel in college days. Lots of memories you are recollecting, am I right? Some of us were backbenchers, some were very studious and somewhere full of fun with all mischievous group of friends. Some might be recollecting their first crush, first fresher’s party, friendship day celebration, college fest.

Convocation ceremony. This day is so special in all of our lives. One of the big achievement of our curriculum. We are celebrating and dancing with our friends, faculties, parents. Everyone is so happy out there and promising each other that to be in touch and will meet once in a year.

Can we go ahead? Now we are traveling in our office days. Before that let’s see how we prepared for our resume, first job interview. Some of us are very confident and some of us are worried, nervous. Some of us are with their friends going for an interview in the same company. Asking each other tips and ideas to crack interview.

Hurray!! Some of us cleared their first interview itself and celebrating with their family. And few of us including Me need to try hard for the next interview. No need to be upset because we know what happened ahead. Smile, please!! as we have done something good with our life and even we are successful today.

There are so many such stages in our lives that we want to experience again and yes even willing to change. As you all know you can never change past, but yes you can learn from your past mistakes, can work on self-improvement, can make your future more colorful and brighter.

Yes, I know we didn’t do actual Time Travel, but we memorized all those days once again may be some happy some sad memories. This is Life, to maintain balance in our lives we all need to go from good and bad days both. So, enjoy every moment, don’t live in past instead, try to learn something from it and lastly keep Smiling.

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