10 Things That Should Never Enter in Your Head

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Hello Friends!! Today I am going to discuss on “Things that should never enter in your head”. Yes, you read right there are number of bad things that might go into your head and you might be no more trustworthy person.

In this fast life or say in this race of coming first from others in life, we sometimes land up on things that are not good for us. We start getting involved in things that might be harmful to others but useful for ourselves. 

Some might become selfish, rude, jealous and so many such things go in our head and spoil the real good person in ourselves. In the different stages of life, each one of us goes through success and failure but, that does not mean that we should do bad changes in ourselves.

One should never forget what good things our parents, teachers have taught us in our childhood and how to face any situations in life. How to handle the problem, how to overcome from by using the right path. All these things are very important that one should not forget in their lives.

Below is the list of 10 things that should never enter your head:

  1. Greed
  2. Anger
  3. Ego
  4. Revenge
  5. Pride
  6. Delusion
  7. Jealousy
  8. Negativity
  9. Selfishness
  10. The Feeling of Hating someone

Let’s check all these things in detail.


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A greedy person always desires a huge amount of wealth, power. A greedy person will never help the needy without any profit and this kind of people are not satisfied with all that they have instead, they always want more and more in their lives. So, I would suggest you not be a greedy person in life and don’t let this bad thing enter your head.


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Now, this is the second most important thing for all of us that don’t let Anger enter in your head. To be honest, don’t let this anger stay in your head or life ever. Because Anger is such a thing that will surely spoil relations, hurt your loved ones, and finally the result is a Big Loss in life that might not overcome at any cost.

Anger will lead you only to the destruction among your family, friends, colleagues, partner, etc. So why allow such anger to live inside you? Better let go, stay calm, forgive, love, care for each other, and stay happy.


Next, the most important thing is the Ego. Even this is dangerous for all of us. A person who has an ego problem will never have close and real people in his/her life. Ego problem will lead you no were.

For example, you get a promotion cause of your dedication and not to your team members or colleague then, what happens at that time? Is it necessary to show off or think as if you are the number one and not others? Is it so that feeling comes in your head like you are the best and others are fools?

Just because of promotion this feeling might come but what you have to do is always stay down to earth and never let this Ego enter your head.


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This kind of feeling is at the topmost nowadays sad but true. Something wrong happened with us so our next step is taking revenge and never forgiving. Don’t you think it’s completely wrong?

People even for small things get angry and hold grudges in their hearts and wait to take revenge. But nobody thinks to sort out things and forgive and let go. If you learn to forgive then even you will get peace in your life.


Pride means to be proud of. Parents feel proud when their kids score good marks in exams, one feels proud of themselves for some or the other reason. The proud feeling is not bad unless and until you exceed your limits.

There is always a limit for every feeling, to feel over proud of something is a bad sign. This excess feeling should not enter your head because this will result in your loss and not others.

Never feel superior than others or demotivate others that’s not good. It shows how wrong is your mindset.


Feeling of delusion means believing in something that is not a fact but false or say a false belief. A person who is in this state of mind will easily trust false things in spite of knowing the fact.

A delusional person is not ready to accept the fact as his/her strong false belief is overpowering him/her. So never let this thing happen to enter your head.


This kind of feeling is not good for you and your health. Never ever be jealous of a person. Stay happy with what you have in your life and what God gifted you with. Instead always thank God for all that you have.

Stop comparing yourself with others. People usually have a habit to compare themselves with others say look wise, money, power, position, etc. If we stop such kind of comparison and try to be happy with what we have then, this feeling of being jealous will vanish by itself.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Don’t let negativity enter your head because it will cause you heavy loss. Make your mind to be positive and try to see good even in failure. The negative feeling will always let you down and stop you from doing things that you can do by yourself that too without anybody’s help

The negative feeling will also lower down your confidence level which is not good for you. So better be positive and believe in yourself.

The Feeling of hating someone:

People usually have a habit to hate at least one person in their life. But my question is why can’t we just let go and free ourselves from such feelings? Hating someone will not only trouble that person but also it will trouble you.

Never hate anyone in life instead forgive them and move on for your own peace and happiness.


To be selfish is one of the most wrong moves in life. As we know Life is short and time never waits for anyone then, why spend your life being selfish? Why not be a helpful, trustworthy person?

There are many people around who are needy, helpless so, why not help them. Help others without expecting anything in return.

So, these were some of the things that should not enter your head. Hope you all like this blog and would follow it in your life too.

thank you

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