Things that may be Right or Wrong

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things that might be right

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Hello Friends!! Today we will discuss things that may be Right or Wrong in our life? This is very important for every one of us to be able to identify what’s right for them and what’s wrong for them. As we all know Life teaches us lessons now and then for our betterment and we are supposed to learn something from it.

There are so many things happening in our lives where sometimes we are frustrated and we take the wrong turn or say wrong decision. Nobody wants to take the wrong turn neither in life nor in their work or profession. But things happen and we directly or indirectly do mistakes.

Sometimes things that are right for us can be wrong for others. But never mind let’s check a few situations that are right or wrong.

 List of Things that may be Right or Wrong?

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Always Respect everyone even if some of them don’t deserve it.

Help everyone but identify who is using you for their profit.

Don’t compromise with your moral values for anyone.

Always help the needy but not the one where you know that person is capable enough to come out from a particular situation.

Never keep any grudges inside you instead, say what you feel, open up your mind and heart, and free yourself from those memories.

Don’t try to please everyone.

Some people Believe in Adjusting with less money but some think that wrong because they believe in big dreams big money so adjustment is wrong according to them.

Taking shortcuts is right for some and wrong for others. Because taking shortcuts also depends on what kind of situation it is where you are taking a shortcut and not following the actual path.

Staying alert is always good practice to be safe. Am I right or wrong?

Never hurt or humiliate others but at the same time if someone hurts you do react on it.

Some believe in God and pray to power and not to the statue. But some believe only in Science and not in God.

Being slim might be right for some of us and wrong for others and being healthy that is not slim might be right for some of us and wrong for some of us.

Some people think public transport is best for reaching the desired place and some people think a private or personal vehicle is right to reach a particular place.

Staying separate after getting married is right for some of us but wrong for others. They might believe in the Joint family and would like to stay together after getting married.

Fast food is right for a few of us and home-made food is right for a few of us.

Some believe studying abroad for higher studies and some want to study in their own country.

There are so many variations in person to person’s thoughts, feelings, dreams, needs, priorities, and so on. Accordingly based on situations everybody’s way of seeing things for what is right or wrong will surely vary from person to person.

But what is important from all of this is our capability to know or identify what is right or wrong for us and how to deal with any wrong things that come to us or happen with us.

Like I said some of us might think a few of my points are wrong and some of us might think that I am right. Again, this will vary from person to person and their feelings and emotions and level of thinking.

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Based on this blog few of us might say somewhat yes, somewhat no or somewhat maybe about the above-mentioned points. Hope you all like this blog and could relate to my words to some extent, Am I right or wrong.

thank you

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