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Hello Friends!! Today’s blog is about saying “Good Bye to 2020: Hello 2021”. As we all know that we are at end of the year 2020 so, now it’s time to say goodbye to this year and welcoming the NEW YEAR.

Well, I know all of us have gone through a tuff time this year but still we all have survived from this pandemic and will stay strong and healthy ahead too.

I Pray to God that the coming year should bring a lot of happiness, strength, blessings, positivity, faith, and hope in all of our lives. Believe me, God will get all of us out from this pandemic and his blessings will also be with us.

The Year 2020 has taught us many lessons due to which we became more responsible than earlier we were. Things which we might have forgotten in our childhood even those things we are following now.

Let’s see what we have learned in the Year 2020 during lockdown:

  1. To be updated by watching daily News
  2. To practice Yoga on a daily basis
  3. To be Alert
  4. To be Hygienic
  5. To be Caring
  6. To spend quality Time with Family
  7. To list out Essential Needs
  8. To cut short our Expenses
  9. To cook many tasty dishes. Yes, your right tasty snacks, where we were only happy with cooking Maggi. But now many of us can cook even fast food.
  10. Self-grooming
  11. To believe in God

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During this lockdown period there many rules we all need to follow and even after lockdown but one thing we cannot forget is this year also made us more caring for our family and all dear ones.

In this year, we all get to know that how important are our all the family members no matter how far they are from us. So, we can’t just curse for bad things that happen in this year but also thankful for the good things we came to know in this year.

All of us have good and bad memories of this year but we all should encourage ourselves to be positive and to give a new start in our lives by welcoming New Year 2021.

Now, it’s time for a new start with full energy, and yes most important is not to forget the lessons we learned from this year 2020 and come what may we all are ready to face it together and help each other to go ahead in life.

Always remember walking on the road of success alone is not that worthy unless and until you take others also with you to the path of success. So, promise yourself that you all will be kind, polite, helpful, selfless, soft heart.

Last, but not the least in this year 2020 we all know the value of a healthy body Am I Right? Many of us have ignored our health issues and just focused on our careers but now we all need to boost our immunity and keep our body fit and fine.

Fitness will help you tackle any problem in your life. Similarly, not only fit body is important but a healthy mind is too important for having peace in life. A healthy mind can only make you stable and give you the energy to handle many situations.

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Time to set a new goal for the coming year and achieve the same on time.

Hope you all like this blog and I believe you all will say goodbye to 2020 with a big smile and get ready for the coming year to say Hello, 2021. Hence, here I end my blog and wish you all the BEST LUCK for your bright future and happy life and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hello, 2021 we are all are waiting for you.

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