Painful Truths of Life

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painful truths
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Hello Friends!! My today’s blog is about some “Painful Truths of Life”. We are so busy in our lives planning careers, achieving the set goal, saving money for family and future, and so on.

As you all know life is a race where everyone is trying to come first and achieving all that they want but in this busy life, we realized some painful truths won’t change at any cost.

We all know how difficult it is to say the truth similarly, it is difficult to accept the truth. People should have the courage to speak the truth and similarly, to accept the truth no matter if it’s painful.

Let’s see in detail about some of the Painful Truths of Life:

  • First, the most painful truth is what exists will end one day. Here I am talking about life, one who takes birth will die one day for sure. This is the painful truth of life that we are supposed to accept.
  • Next, is Change. Change is something that can be painful also. Everything is changing every second and we can’t stop it. Instead, we need to learn from this change and adjust ourselves accordingly.
  • Time is not waiting for anyone. Now, this also one of the important facts and painful truths of life that time is running and we are lagging. All of us are running behind the time to match its speed but to be honest we fail many times. Many of us sometimes complain that time is less etc. but, that’s not true instead, the truth is our efforts are not up to the mark sad but true.
  • Being always busy doesn’t mean that you are productive. Yes, it’s the painful truth of life that is no matter how busy you keep yourself at work or do multitasking but if your outcome is not more than your inputs then, you are not productive at all. Always remember output should be more than input only then you can be productive so, don’t be just busy.
  • What we think and what we do are two different or identical things. It’s not always that what we are thinking in our mind exactly what we might do in our actions. This is one of the painful truths of life which is common for all of us. I honestly believe that this happens with many of us because in life there are many situations where there is something else going on in our mind but our actions are completely different than our thoughts.
  • Next one of the most important painful truths of life is one should forgive without waiting for an apology. Yes, it’s true sometimes we have to forgive people no matter if they apologize on time or not. It is a painful truth but, accept it.
  • People are forgetting to love themselves. Yes, this is the painful truth of life as many of us are so busy in the race of life that we are slowly forgetting to love ourselves. We care for others, love them, we see to it that all the needs of our family and dear ones are fulfilled but, what about us? Doing all this we have no time to look at ourselves.

These were some of the painful truths of life that we all might have gone through. But important is to overcome it and stay strong and fight all the hurdles that may come into your lives.

Remember one thing there is always something good to happen when you are going through the pain so, trust and have faith in God and keep on going. Hope you all like this blog and you all would work on your failures.

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