Navratri Celebration 2020

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Navratri Celebration 2020

Hello Friends!! Today I am going to tell you some information about “Navratri Celebration 2020”. What is the meaning of the word Navratri? It means Nine Nights. Why do we celebrate Navratri? This festival symbolizes the victory of our Maa Durga over the demon or evil named Mahishasur. So on these nine days we do pooja of Nine forms of Devi Parvati. Navratri is celebrated as Maa Durga Puja.

As we all know in Navratri there are nine days of celebration all over so, in these nine days people follow nine different colors. Also, celebration and puja during these days is been done according to nine different Goddess.

This year Navratri Celebration 2020 will be celebrated from 17 October 2020.

Navratri Celebration 2020 : Colors

  • Day 1 – October 17 [Saturday] – Grey
  • Day 2 – October 18 [Sunday] – Orange
  • Day 3 – October 19 [Monday] – White
  • Day 4 – October 20 [Tuesday] – Red
  • Day 5 – October 21 [Wednesday] – Sky Blue
  • Day 6 – October 22 [Thursday] – Pink
  • Day 7 – October 23 [Friday] – Royal Blue
  • Day 8 – October 24 [Saturday] – Yellow
  • Day 9 – October 25 [Sunday] – Green

Now let’s list out names of the Goddess which are the Nine forms of Devi Parvati:

1. Maa Shailputri

On the first day of Navratri, the goddess Shailputri is worshiped. Shail means the mountain, thus she is known as Shailputri as we know that Devi Parvati was born as a daughter of Himalaya in her previous birth. Maa Shailputri holds a Trishul in one hand and a lotus in the other and rides a bull.

2. Maa Brahmacharini

On the second day of Navratri, the goddess Brahmacharini is worshiped. By worshiping this goddess one can find growth in austerity, abandonment. and moderation. Maa brahmacharini holds a rosary in her hand and kamandal in the left hand.

3. Maa Chandraghanta

On the third day of Navratri, the goddess Chandraghanta is worshiped. This Goddess is known for welfare and peace. In this form, the goddess is adorned with moon-shaped bells. The moon is associated with the human mind and the sound of the bell brings the mind to the present moment.

When the qualities of awareness and perseverance begin to grow, our mind, our personality becomes attractive. The moon bell symbolizes this attractiveness of the mind.

4. Maa Kushmanda

On the fourth day of Navratri, the goddess Kushmanda is worshiped. It is believed that due to the divine smile of goddess Kushmanda the entire world is been created. It is an indicator of reproduction, creation, and infinite existence.

5. Maa Skandamata

On the fifth day of Navratri, the goddess Skandamata is worshiped. Skandamata is the mother of Kartikeya. It is a symbol of bravery and compassion. The lion is a symbol of bravery, while the goddess is an idol of compassion.

Skanda means an expert. But here’s the expertise that enhances innocence.

Worshiping this form of the Goddess enhances the virtues of innocence with skill and compassion with bravery.

6. Maa Katyayani

On the sixth day of Navratri, the goddess Katyayani is worshiped. She is the form of motherhood characterized by the Goddess who has the qualities of nurturing and caring.

7. Maa Kaalratri

On the seventh day of Navratri, the goddess Kaalratri is worshiped. This goddess makes the devotees fearless. She is also known as Shubhamkari.

8. Maa Mahagauri

On the eighth day of Navratri, the goddess Mahagauri is worshiped. Maa Mahagauri has the power to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees. The one who worships goddess Mahagauri with a pure heart will get relief from all the sufferings in life.

9. Maa Siddhidatri

On the ninth day of Navratri, the goddess Siddhidatri is worshiped. This goddess gifts her devotees all the siddhis that are power, spiritual salvation.

So, these are the Nine Goddess that are worshiped during this Navratri festival and believe me, people who worship them with full heart and trust, they surely get the blessings.

During these days people celebrate this festival by playing Dandias or Garba and doing Jagrata for Goddess due to which the environment is full of joy among people all over the world. The dress code for Garba is like for women – ghagra choli, lehengas, salwar kameez, and for men – turban, kurta and dhoti pant, kafni pyjamas, and kediyu.

As we all know this year what all things happened in all of our lives so, we all need to be very careful, need to take full precautions, and pray to Goddess to save us from this virus and shower a lot of blessings. So this year Navratri Celebration 2020 will be different.

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