Life After Lockdown 2020: Turning Point

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life after lockdown 2020
life after lockdown 2020

Hello All!! Today we will talk about Life After Lockdown 2020. So many things changed in our lives during and after this Lockdown. Each person is experiencing something way different in their lives. Nobody had even imagined such kind of change will come in everybody’s life due to which they need to change their normal routine, daily activities, etc.

We all were living in our own world where some of us were happy enjoying, some were too busy, some were stressed out, and so on. But nobody thought about this pandemic situation.

Let’s see what all changes occurred in our life after lockdown 2020

Market Life Before Lockdown 2020

Market Life Before Lockdown 2020
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Do you all remember how you use to buy any products in the market, shop, or medical? Let me tell you, we use to check the expiry date of that product if its food and medicine related and regarding other products we use to check the quality, etc.

Market Life After Lockdown 2020

But now after this Lockdown which is releasing slowly how do we buy any products? Yes, you all are right!! I know what is in your mind right now!! We first wear Hand Gloves then Sanitize our hands, we try to maintain social distance between seller or shopkeeper, vegetable vendor or fruit vendor and buy that product.

Have we ever washed possible goods or products in hot water or simply say have we ever sanitized any products after going home? No, we didn’t!! We just use to wash it before using it right? But now we can’t follow our old habits. Yeah!! This our Life After Lockdown 2020.

Corporate Life before Lockdown 2020

What about Office? How do we use to work in the office? Do you remember the lunch break? Oh, that’s the time to relax, share our tiffin, sit together with your group, and have lunch.

Corporate Life after Lockdown 2020

But now is it possible? Can we enjoy the same way? Even now the office environment is so different, isn’t it? The number of employees are working on alternate days, some are working from home.

School Life before Lockdown 2020

Oh, what about kids? They can’t go to school and learn together with their friends. Sad but true. They cannot even enjoy their earlier school days like they use to. For example, playing together with friends, sharing tiffin with each other, birthday celebration in school, etc.

School Life after Lockdown 2020

Now online classes from schools, online talk with their classmate, online homework submission, etc. In short online studies for even small kids. Isn’t it so weird? Yes it is but still we have to face it positively because this is our our good.

What about lunch or dinner out with Family, Friends, Colleagues, etc. in the Restaurant? Is it possible the same way as we use to? No even that too is not possible. Now we can’t go out for dinner together with our entire family.

Now Hotels or Restaurants will be like two people on a table maintaining social distance, and many such things.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

How can I forget about Malls!! Yes, our all-time Malls, where we use to spend so much time say 3-4 hrs at least. Omg!! This reminds you that Its been a long time you didn’t visit any shopping malls where you use to go mccd, pizza hut, restaurant, dominos, and all those snacks counter, branded clothes shops, accessories, and many more. Damn, that’s a such a big a list, I think you guys can easily relate. There are countless changes in all of our lives but that too is for our safety. So Stay Positive and Stay Safe!!

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