How to maintain Patience

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Hello friends!! Today we will talk about “How to Maintain Patience”. Many of us are impatient, somewhat short-tempered, get irritated easily by the opposite person, and so on. But do we wish to be impatient or angry person? No, we don’t want to be like that in fact, every one of us wants to be a calm, happy, jolly person. We all need to know the importance of patience and how to maintain patience.

In this fast and busy life, we expect things also to happen fast say for example:

  • As we reach the bus stop, we expect we should get the bus within a min.
  • If we are ordering food in a hotel, we expect our order should be delivered first or fast,
  • If we are on diet say for weight loss or weight gain then we expect it should be done within a few days.
  • Online orders may be food or goods/products we want one-day delivery. For that even we pay one-day delivery charges. Waiting is like a big task for us.
  • Expecting quick results is human tendency. This is what we need to overcome in our lives.

There are so many ways you can maintain your patience but, important is are you really willing to? As some of them are serious for time being and then, they are back to the same stage from where they started. So this will not work. Let’s see some of the tips on how to maintain patience.

Tips on how to maintain patience

“Take a long breath”. When you are facing such situations where you are supposed to loosen your temper just try to breathe in and out. This will help you to calm your mind and increase your level of patience.

“Don’t react without understanding”.  Reacting without knowing the entire scenario is a foolish thing. Always be a good listener only then you can keep your point. Also, there is a proper way of reacting, you should not just start bombarding on the opposite person, instead, explain calmly.

“Try to wait”. Yes, try to wait for things to happen. Everything you wish to happen or come will take it’s own time. So be patient and let the right time come. Believe me right things take time to come in your life that too in right time. So be patient and have faith.

“You need to Identify when you lack your patience”. Make a note of it as it will help you to improve yourself and be alert while the same situation occurs. So, your mind will be alert and ready to tackle the same situation again more precisely. If you keep track of things that disturbs you then, it will be easy for you to overcome it.


“Meditation”. You have to practice meditation daily. Getting up early morning and doing meditation is good habit. Everyone should follow this. This will help your mind to relax, body to be healthy. Also you will be fit and fine because meditation is solution for all problems.

“Practice all above sincerely and regularly”. To be honest you need to practice all the above-mentioned tips genuinely to get rid of this tag that you are impatient or have a lack of patience. Yes we all don’t want this tag. What we want is peace of mind and happiness.

One who overcomes this will have the ability to tackle things easily, accepting tough challenges positively. Being patient will improve your way of thinking and reacting on things. Hope you all like this blog. Do practice above tips of how to maintain patience and believe me you will experience the change.“Stay Happy Stay Calm”

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