Unique Ganesh Utsav Celebration in Lockdown 2020

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Hello friends!! Today I am discussing about “Ganesh Utsav in Lockdown 2020”. As we all know the reason behind the lockdown. Every one of us is aware of this pandemic disease and how we all are fighting to finish this COVID-19 virus from all of our lives.

All the Doctors, Police, Cleaning staff gave a big contribution to keep us safe from this virus. Honestly speaking these three of them came as a God in our lives, am I right? Or say God has sent them to help us out to fight from this virus.

Now due to this, there are so many restrictions for celebrating Ganesh Utsav after this lockdown 2020. For example;

  • No gathering with a huge number of people.
  • No Sarvjanik Ganesh Utsav with huge Ganesh Idols.
  • No Band, No Procession nothing.
  • No group Visarjan like earlier we use to. Now we need to do early bookings before going for Ganesh Visarjan and also some of us are doing it at home only.

Let’s see Ganesh Utsav before lockdown 2020:

Photo by viresh studio from Pexels

The Big Ganesh idols for sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandals. So much excitement and happiness among the members of the Ganesh Mandal.

Huge decoration of flowers, lights all around for Ganesh Ji, and lot more things.

Aarti before lockdown

Are we all recollecting the moment of doing Aarti of our Ganesha? How all of our family members come together and do aarti in the chorus. That celebration is way different, isn’t it? All the small kids in our house are running all around asking for Modak, etc. That feeling is heart touching, celebrating your God’s festival together with your family is unbelievable.

Visarjan before lockdown

This is one of the most emotional and painful moment for all of us as it is our Ganesha’s Visarjan. Our heart breaks out and eyes are filled with full of tears as he is going back to his home. But still, we are happy and praying him to come back next year soon.

Now let’s check the Ganesh Utsav After Lockdown 2020:

Small Ganesh Idols for even Sarvjanik Ganesh Mandal

Image by kaushal jangid from Pixabay

According to the government, everybody needs to follow some rules while celebrating Ganesh Utsav this year i.e. 2020 that no big idols of Lord Ganesha should be placed and also no huge decoration of flowers, lighting.

As we all know this will make a huge amount of crowd and then managing people to maintain social distance would become very difficult. Due to which chances of this virus to spread among people would increase.

Friends, the family are not allowed or say they don’t go by themselves to visit other’s homes to celebrate the Ganesh festival where Ganesha has arrived in their home for say 1 or 5 or 11 days, as we know we need to maintain a social distance because of this virus.

Aarti after lockdown will be like few people wearing a mask and maintaining social distance too.

Visarjan after lockdown

Now visarjan rules are also changed. We should do pre-booking for visarjan in our nearby pond which is in our area as this will help to maintain the number of people coming there for visarjan. Everybody will come on a given time slot so less number of people and less chances of getting infected.

But despite all these restrictions and tensions, we all know that we will come out of this and sooner or later we will celebrate our Ganesh Utsav with more energy, fun and of course like we always celebrate with crackers, etc.

As of now we should co-operate with our government, doctors, police and cleaning staff and help them as much as possible. Lastly, let’s pray to Lord Ganesha to save the entire world from this disease and let everyone be happy ahead forever.

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