Diwali Celebration 2020: Happy Diwali To All

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Hello Friends!! Today’s blog is about the “Diwali Celebration 2020”. What is Diwali? It’s a festival of lights celebrated by people all over the world. Diwali is not only a festival of lights but also a celebration of a new start and welcoming the new year with all your loved ones and drawing beautiful Rangoli in our home’s entrance.

Why do we celebrate Diwali? Diwali is celebrated as the victory of our Lord Ram over Ravana and also Lord Ram’s return back to his home after 14 years of Vanvas. When Lord Ram returned home all the people celebrated his victory by lightning diyas on streets and everywhere. And so, this tradition is followed till today and will be followed in the future too.

This festival gives us a reason to meet our family members and celebrate with them. Diwali celebration is full of joy and happiness and lovely traditional sweets made at home. There is a different feeling of happiness while preparing sweets like Chakali, Sev, Karanji, Shankarpali, Ladoo, and many more sweets.

Also, we visit our family, friends with sweets and crackers for kids, and celebrate this festival with full energy. Now let’s talk about outfits the most awaited shopping for everyone, isn’t it? Many of us buy clothes, crackers, home décor, Diyas, Diwali Lantern, etc.

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Virtual Diwali celebration ideas 2020:

For students, Diwali means enjoying a 20-25 day holiday, eating sweets, etc.
and for office workers, it’s like waiting for surprise, games and many more. But this year the students, as well as most of the workers, are working from home.
So for them, we came up with some virtual Diwali celebration ideas. I know this virtual Diwali will probably be with you for the first time.

1. Virtual Diwali celebration ideas for office:

  • Rangoli Competition: Ask your staff to make rangoli at home and submit pictures of rangoli by mail to the HR team.
  • Diya Competition: Ask your staff to make diyas using clay or Decorate any simple diyas with colors and click photos of them and send them to the HR team.
  • Miss/Mr. Perfect: Ask Your staff to wear traditional dress and send their photos to the HR team.
  • A night with family: Can be done on zoom call or any other virtual application. You can plan to watch a Movie or any web series. Invite all your employees to watch movies together with their families. Families can meet and greet each other before the film starts. Or you can play any comedy show or damsharas instead of movies, it will keep everyone entertained.
  • Solo Bollywood Dance: It can be recorded and played live on any virtual platform for all to see live and go in a festive mood.
  • Shining Star Award: Make this Diwali special by recognizing the efforts of your employees and overcoming all kinds of challenges while working from home. Make a list of the various categories of awards you want to offer. Determine the name of any employee in any category and specify why they were nominated. Do this activity on live and let everyone see the live awards session.
  • Diwali Wishes: Encourage employees to write about how the year 2020 has affected their lives or changed their lives for the better. You can compile it and display it in the office or share the story on social media.

2. Virtual Diwali celebration ideas for students:

  • Diwali Paintings and E-Greeting: Students can e-greeting and share with their loved ones and friends from social media platforms. Also, teachers can organize painting Competition so that students can send Diwali related paintings to the concerned teachers by email.
  • Puppet Show: Make a puppet show based on a Ramayana story or eco-friendly Diwali. Shoot videos and share them with your teachers.
  • Quiz Based on Ramayana: Teachers can list Ramayana based questions and create Google forms and share them with students to fill out the answers.
  • Rangoli Making or Diya decoration Competition: Ask your students to make rangoli at home or decorate their diyas and send a photo of their rangoli & diyas to the concerned teacher.
  • Story Writing Competition: Ask your student to write a story on the topic of eco-friendly Diwali.
  • Fancy Dress Competition: Ask your student to play the role of any character based on Ramayana and dress the same.

Below are some trendy fashionable outfits, home décor, and many more for Diwali Celebration 2020:

Women’s Wear:

Men’s Wear:

Home Decor:


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