Best Friends Forever After and In Every Birth

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Hello Friends!! Today’s blog is about “Best Friends Forever After and In Every Birth”. Well to be honest today’s blog is about my “Bestie” or say “My Friend cum Guardian”. I am a small kid for my Friend so directly or indirectly my Friend becomes my Guardian.

I want to start My New Year’s First blog by describing the Friendship that I have with my Bestie.

Come on it’s time to know some more about my friend or say my Bestie

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

You guys won’t believe that we both are two opposite souls. There are hardly a few things common between us and also from 100 things we both agree in say 4-5 things. This might give you an idea of “How opposite we are”!!

My Bestie is independent, dedicated, selfless, less talkative, prefers a small group of people, no show shining, straight forward, never getting engage in other’s matters, caring but hiding this feeling.

When first we met in college, my bestie thought I am a person full of attitude, rude but slowly when we became friends my bestie realized that I am not like that. Talking about me well I had a neutral feeling but yes, I observed at that moment that, the person a met is very less talkative.

As the days where going, we became more close friends slowly steadily and then my friend came to know that, I am so so so talkative, mischievous, all-time masti. At that moment my Bestie would have thought for a second “Arrey Baapre Yeh Kaun Mila!!” but it was too late. Hahaha!! Can’t Help I am not Gonna Leave You Now.

I used to trouble a lot to my Bestie by being a child and making fun like anything in our college days. Well till today’s date I am still doing the same and now my Bestie is used to it.

Can you guys imagine what happens when two friends are like, one is just talkative and one is not, what might be the scenario? One is talking and talking and talking and another one is saying Oh, Acha, Hmm, Baapre, and a few more words. Well, this was the initial stage of our friendship abhi thoda sudhar hai, I mean now my bestie is also not that quiet like earlier.

My Bestie simply Loves Slow silent songs and I love Loud and fast music. I love trekking, Scuba diving but my Bestie is not interested in it. So maybe we can’t enjoy this together but still, we have many more things to enjoy and mostly my Bestie’s presence in my life is more than enough for me.

My Bestie plans a surprise on my birthday but somehow, I get to know about the surprise. Even I give surprises to my Bestie and I am successful in it. This reminds me of the last surprise I gave to my bestie last year 2020 and that was I didn’t wish my Bestie on Birthday either by a phone call nor by message.

Usually, we always wish each other before anyone wishes us but this time my plan was different. I showed as if I forgot and went to my bestie’s house and gave a very shocking surprise. My Bestie’s mom said your friend was so angry and upset that you forgot and didn’t wish at all to your friend.

That moment my Bestie was like I knew that you have not forgotten and all but honestly my bestie had a doubt on me that I missed the Birth Date. But my Bestie’s mom was Confident enough that, no your friend will come for sure but that 1% doubt in my bestie’s mind was troubling. Finally, we all started laughing at my Bestie and asking How was the Surprise?? Hahahahah!!!

OH!! My Bestie Your Birthday is Coming Soon (Is Saal Kuch Bhayanak Surprise Chahiye Kya?) Chal Jaane De Yeh Blog Hi Tera Birthday Gift Hai Lockdown ke Kaaran Kadki Hai re Samjha kar!!! Saal Ki Shurvaat Tere Birthday Se ho Toh Aur Kya Chahiye!!! Waise Yeh Blog 2020 mein Likha hai. Kyu Mila na shock or Surprise. Lolz, you don’t even know when I wrote this blog.

Socha tha Birthday Ke Din Publish Karu but First Blog tere Naam ka Hona Chahiye isliye jara advance mein publish kiya. Tum bhi Kya Yaad Rakhoge types lolz.

One needs to struggle a lot to find such a person in life and I am the Lucky one, really touch wood that I found a friend LIKE YOU. I don’t know what deeds I might have done in my past birth but I believe that I might have done some good deeds that I found such a Friend who is now my “Best Friend”.

In our friendship, we have experienced one common thing that, once in a year we have a serious fight, misunderstanding, and no communication for some time between us. It happens every year as if it is compulsory but I also pray and expect that, next year it should not happen.

Now, let’s see in this New Year 2021 whether we are successful in breaking this chain or not.

My Bestie becomes a Santa Claus at Christmas, a Guardian when I am a child, a friend when I need my friend with whom I can share my sorrows, happiness.

Well, my Bestie is Multi-Talented and a person with a Good Heart. The combination is rare but I found it. Being human being every one of us has flaws similarly we too have many flaws. And we both know what we need to improve in ourselves and we will.

We both are short-tempered maybe I am a little more than my Bestie. One thing I want to say to my Bestie is My dear you still don’t take fun or masti sportingly. You sometimes take it seriously which is not good. So, try to overcome this.

Now that we are grown up settled in our lives and handling our responsibilities makes me realize that those were the days when we used to enjoy a lot. Looking back in our past makes me feel happy because we have so many beautiful memories, no regrets in life.

There are many more moments to share but maybe next time. Well after reading the entire Blog what my Bestie will say any guesses? Ok, I’ll tell you my Bestie will say “Arrey you got A Best Friend Wah Kya Baat Hai, you didn’t tell me who is that person jara Mujhe bhi Bata”.

But Yes, I Honestly pray to God to Fulfil all the wishes of my Bestie, give all the Happiness and take away all the sorrows, hurdles from My Bestie’s life.

MAY GOD GIVE SUCH A PERSON TO All OF YOU WHO IS ALWAYS SELFLESS AND PRAYING FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS like MY BESTIE naam toh sunna hi hoga (yeh dialogue hamesha hota hai mere friend ka). Hope you all like this short story about me and my bestie.

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