Important Resolutions to follow in 2021

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Hello Friends!! Today’s blog is about some “Important Resolutions”. All of us make resolutions at the start of the year and we forget soon say within two-three months.

New Year Resolution means promising yourself or to commit yourself to some goals that you want to achieve in life. The promises you have made to yourself can be one of the new year’s resolutions.

Nowadays, people are just making a resolution just for fashion where they are not at all serious about it. Just because other people are making resolutions some of us copy them but they don’t realize the depth behind it.

Below are some Important Resolutions to follow in 2021:

  • Promise that you will follow the Resolution you make
  • Self-care
  • Practicing Meditation
  • To Be Productive
  • Avoid Drinking and Smoking
  • Proper Planning before execution
  • Save Money
  • Following proper Diet

Let’s check in detail about these resolutions.

Promise that you will follow the Resolution you make:

It means when you decide on a particular resolution then you should first promise yourself that you will complete it or follow it. You will see to it that you are not ignoring or postponing your resolution.


This is the most important resolution one should make in his/her life. Selfcare is the first most thing you should do because when you don’t care for yourself then, how can you care for others that efficiently.

In this busy life, we are just running behind money, get all those luxurious lives but, at the same time, we are not looking at ourselves.

Practicing Meditation:

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

Meditation is necessary for our body to stay healthy and fit. Nowadays, people have no time to practice meditation, yoga, or to go gym in this busy life. By practicing meditation, yoga one can maintain their inner peace and state of mind.

Meditation helps you to stay calm and handle problems easily. When your mind is fit only then you can act more attentively and carefully. Also, our inner power gets charged which tends to increase in positivity.

To Be Productive:

One who invests less amount of input and produces a large amount of output is a productive person. You might wonder how to be productive at work? Just keeping yourself busy at work does not mean that you are productive. For that, you need to produce some valuable outcome from your work.

There many ways that one can be productive in life, work, etc. But following those ways or steps is important because unless and until you don’t follow them genuinely you won’t be able to be productive.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking:

As we all know drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes is injurious to health but still, some of us do it. For a healthy and happy life, you need to stop intaking such things. So, this should be your resolution for sure.

Proper Planning before Execution:

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Many of us usually have a habit to execute things without proper planning because in excitement we forget some important things and then results are not as expected.

So, for best and expected results first, the necessary thing is proper planning and then executing it.

Save Money:

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay 

As we all know day-by-day Inflation is rising because of which our expenses go out of planned budget and ultimately, we get more conscious. Some of us are working double shifts so that we can full fill the basic needs of our family members. I know it’s not that easy to cut short all our expenses suddenly, but if we do proper study and planning then we can do it.

I think every one of us should teach even our kids that how to save money and how to control yourself from buying things which are not so important and make them aware of the need of “Saving Money for Future”.

Following Proper Diet:

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We all are doing Diet Plan and also making Diet charts but many of us follow it for a few days only. We are not at all regular in maintaining our diet plan. Our love for tasty, junk, and unhealthy food always wins and our Diet food is nowhere on our list.

So, making this your resolution will be for your good and healthy life.

These were some of the important resolutions. Hope you all like this blog and follow these important resolutions in your life for the coming new year.

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