How To Manage Time Better

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manage time better

Hello friends!! Today’s topic is related to “How To Manage Time Better”. Every one of us complains about the lack of time in our lives. Many of us fail to manage things on time due to which we fail to achieve our goals. Important is to divide our time and schedule the tasks to be done.

What is Time Management? Time management means to complete our work on time by doing smart work and not hard work due to which you can do more work utilizing less time no matter if you are working under pressure.

Why Time Management is Important in Life? Time management helps you to achieve your set goals on time. Also, you become more efficient and productive. By maintaining proper time management in life you even get new opportunities to improve yourself, learn new things, explore new ideas in your free time, etc.

Now that we know what is Time management let’s check some key elements that will help us to manage time better. Below is a list of few key elements to manage time better.

Key Elements To Manage Time Better

  1. Get up early to make your day longer
  2. Prioritize your work
  3. Proper Planning
  4. Set Your Goals
  5. Start With Small Tweaks To Your Schedule
  6. Try Multitasking
  7. Link Your Actions To Your Goals
  8. Avoid Things that Distract
  9. Complete your Pending Task
  10. Set Clear Deadlines
  11. Never Forget to Rest Your Mind

Let’s check in detail about how to manage time better.

#1. Get up early to make your day longer

Get up early to make your day longer. Yes, what you read is true, if you get up early you will have more time to work on your health like you always complain that you don’t have time to exercise, so if you get up early you will have time for your fitness as well as you can use this extra time to meditate, or pursue hobbies.

#2. Prioritize your work

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Firstly, we should start with prioritizing which work is more important that need to be finished first. Next, you need to decide the time required to complete the work. It’s not easy but try to differentiate between important and less important work. Here I am not talking about only professional work instead of all the daily tasks that we perform in our lives.

Prioritizing helps you visualize the highest to lowest priority tasks.

#3. Proper Planning

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Now it’s time to do proper planning of your work which will help you to manage time better. Keep the main objective in mind while planning your work. Our main objective is to manage time while doing our work. Also, you need to remember that you need to be productive and not just a hard worker and this comes in you when you know how to manage time better.

#4. Set Your Goals

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One thing to keep in mind when setting any goals is that your goals should be achievable, measurable.

User SMART method for setting goals. In short, make sure the goals you set are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

#5. Start With Small Tweaks To Your Schedule

Start with small tasks that will be completed on time. When you complete such tasks on time, you will get more motivation to achieve big tasks efficiently.

#6. Try Multitasking

Next is to know how to perform multitasking and when to multitask. Sometimes you have to multitask to complete your tasks on time but at the same time you should give your best performance and the outcome should be positive. I know every one cannot perform multitasking but at least you can check whether you can do multitask or not. If you are not able to then don’t worry you will have the satisfaction that at least you have tried your best.

#7. Link Your Actions To Your Goals

Always remember that your action should be focused on your goal because in life we engage in many things that can distract us from our set goals.

#8. Avoid Things That Distract

Image by Daryl Bambic from Pixabay

Several things that will distract you may be your phone notifications, TV, and even people too. When you are doing your work and someone comes in between with their work then this might cause distraction from your work.

So, at this time you should be able to know which work is important and to be completed first and which work can be completed later on. In this way, you can avoid things that distract you from completing your work on time.

#9. Complete your Pending Task:

Every one of us has many pending tasks that we have left to complete later on. Now it’s time to schedule all our pending tasks which we have to complete on time. You should set time for each task to be completed this is good practice to manage time better.

As you have prioritized your work you should have left-over free time with you which you can utilize to complete your left-over work.

#10. Set Clear Deadlines

One thing that should be clear when you set your goals is that you also set a deadline for setting the goals you set. A goal without a deadline is just a waste of time because you need to know when to reach that goal.

#11. Never Forget to Rest Your Mind

This is a very important thing in life that is to Rest your Mind. Each person requires peace in their lives for that first we need to stay calm. The not only body needs rest but our mind too for that we can practice meditation.

Meditation helps us to control our anger, relieves stress, and increase positive feeling and make us healthy but to achieve all this we need to learn how to manage time better.

#12. Promise yourself

This is the very most important factor that you promise yourself before starting the time management process when you promise yourself only then you will show dedication to achieve the above-mentioned points for time management.

So, these were some of the key elements that we can practice in our lives on how to manage time better. Hope you all like this blog and would practice these elements in your lives too. Also if you agree with these points then do help others to manage time better for their betterment.

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