Fix Simple Things Easily By Yourself

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Why not be a handyman or handy-woman to fix simple things of our house? Why depend on fixers or repairers or maintenance workers just for a few easy fixes? It’s time for all of us to even learn how to fix simple things. There are so many things one can do it on their own. One should be aware of how to fix anything around the house.

To be honest when we call any Handy Man for repair or maintenance and when we see him repairing it, we realize that Oh!! that was so easy and even I would have done it. Don’t you feel this? I am not talking about major fixes or repairs please don’t misunderstand. I am talking about small easy fixes that you can do it by yourself.

In this blog, I am sharing a few ideas on how to fix simple things by ourselves, common household repairs. I am aware of it that I have not explained you detailed steps or processes to fix a particular thing because I wanted you to first get an idea about the home repairs list of things you can fix around your house.

How to fix simple things around the house by yourself

You can drill a hole on wood, on the wall to hang any photo frame, curtain roads, small wall units, wall hangings decor, etc. For this, you just need a drill machine and nails, screws. At least for small things we need not have to call a person to just drill on the wall. And I believe every one of us is aware where can we drill and where not.

You can paint any small portion of the wall, the door of your house by yourself. A small portion is not a big deal you can do it easily. First, apply the primer on the wall. Then make color matching to your wall for that use white paint and color tubes and mix both with the required portion and apply on the wall with a paintbrush. Finally use the roll to smooth the texture as shown in the image.

Small leakage fixing. Say If the kitchen sink is leakage, you can use m-seal for time being to fix leakage, if there is any small leakage in the pipe then too you can use m-seal instead of waiting for a plumber to fix it. You should at-least try to fix simple things in your house.

If lamination of your old wooden chair, table, the door is gone even that you can fix by using wood coating paint. Any small furniture whose sunmica is old can be replaced by yourself. For example stool, puja chowki pat, shoe rack. Also, you can fix the leg of the wooden chair, stool, table, etc. To fix this simple things, you need not have to call a carpenter.

Anti Bird Net/Mesh for your home windows installation can be done  by yourself. Why not? Isn’t it easy? You just need to buy an anti-bird net/mesh according to window size and place it over your grill and finally use a cable tie to tighten the net.

Hope you all got an idea from this blog where you can fix simple things that you might have not tried by yourself. But now you can check out at your home and fix simple things easily. Also you will be able save money to some extent. By this you will be also independent as earlier you use to be dependent for basic fix on handyman and even can teach your young ones the same.

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