Epic Family Time in Lockdown 2020

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Image by ncb80 from Pixabay

Yes, you are right I am talking about quality time spend with your Family during Lockdown 2020. As mentioned in the above image “Family where Life Begins and Love Never Ends” explains us what is the place of our Family in our Lives. What is the importance of our Family and how we should be with them in every situation and live for them. Like me, I believe that all of us have experienced a lot of new things during this Lockdown.

Let me guess what was our daily schedule? Getting up early in the morning and get ready to go office or to go school or to go college, etc. in short our schedule was fixed. We knew the next day what all things we have to do. We were so busy that we didn’t realize that we have “No Time for Our Family”.But this Lockdown gave us the opportunity to spend time with our Family.

All of us were more than three months together with our family 24/7. That was something so new that happened in all our lives. We started sharing so many thoughts, feelings with our family during this Lockdown. We never thought that we will ever get this chance.

Let’s list out what we learned during Lockdown with Family:

All of us realized that there is so much work at home that we never saw when we were out. Our Mom maybe she is Housewife or Working in the office, still, she managed to fulfill all our needs.

Also many of us no matter him/her have learnt cooking new recipes from their mom during this lockdown 2020. This made us to realize that how much efforts our mom takes for cooking for so many of us that too even a simple dish.

lockdown time with cousins
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

We started contacting our Cousins who are far away or say not in touch with us, as we know all time we use to be with our friends or a selected group of people. But now we started video calling to our cousins, family members, and spent quality time with them that too online.

Many of us have started playing board games or say indoor games like carom , chess, cards, etc. that too practically not on cell phones like earlier we use to play on our mobiles. These games gave us chance to memorize our childhood days and all those fun we use to do in our school.

family lockdown

Image by LillyCantabile from Pixabay

Family dinner!! In this busy schedule, we never got time to have dinner together with our family. But now during the lockdown, all of us were having dinner together. Also, we came to know the favorite food of our family members.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Next, our Grandparents, yes whose grandparents also stay with them might have realized that you didn’t even have spent a whole single day with them. But this lockdown gave us time to give love and care for our grandparents. As it is said when in this age of life where you cross 60yrs you become a small child who expect lot of care and attention from others. So as we treat and care for small kids similarly we need to do the same with our grandparents too.

Wonder why is this Family Tree is empty? Because now it’s your time to add all our family members who were not even in touch with you. Get them back in your “Family Tree”, give your love and care to them, and “Always Stay in Touch” with them.

So many good memories all of us might have when we all were together with our family in this lockdown for so many days. Now when we all will back to our normal life, at that time all of us will have so many memories to share about this quality time spend with our family.

This Lockdown has taught us to be Conscious, Hygienic, and many more things, but we also learned about Caring for our Family, as we were little careless and busy in our world. Also we have spend memorable moments and quality time with family.

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