Tips on how to Improve Presentation Skills

presentation skills

Presentation skills are skills where one should deliver quality information related to the topic to the audience. One should be clear with their concepts and try to be specific. Also, you should know the importance of presentation skills because this will help you whenever you are giving any presentation at your college or office. You … Read more

Today’s important needs In 2020

social distancing

Today’s important needs are maintaining social distance, wear mask, and use sanitizer in 2020. Everyone knows the meaning of the word “Social Distance”, but do we follow it? Wear Mask and Using Sanitizer is it that difficult? Also, we know the reason behind it, don’t we? Still many of us fail to do this simple … Read more

Steps : To create Django 3 project quickly in minutes


Hello Techies, In this blog, we will learn steps to create Django 3 Project. In this blog, I’m giving you the Django example project and also tell you how to run Django 3 projects in cmd. Introduction Django is an open-source framework that’s primarily based on the python programming language. Django software foundation maintains the … Read more

How To Install Django 3 On Ubuntu Linux

django 3 on ubuntu

Hello Techies, In this post, I am going to cover simple steps on how to install Django 3 on Ubuntu Linux machine. We have to follow some basic steps whenever we create any new Django application like, do not use the same virtual environment for multiple applications. I always recommend you to use a separate … Read more