Django Database Configurations

Django Database Settings

Hello Techies, We know that Django Database configurations come with a default Django sqlite settings but what if you want to use a different database in your project? Don’t worry friends, in this blog I will tell you how to configure 3 different databases with examples in Django settings. In this blog, I’m covering MySql, Mssql, … Read more

How to secure sensitive data in a Django Python

secure sensitive data in a django

Hello Techies, It’s not good practice to secure sensitive data in a Django file. As you know this world is full of hackers so the possibilities of stealing your sensitive data are high. So in this blog, I’m telling you How to secure sensitive data in a Django related project. When most developers start … Read more

Basic Pycharm features [2020]

pycharm features

Hello Techies, In this blog, I’m going to tell you about my favorite IDE for Python development which is Pycharm. So I’m covering some basic features of pycharm 2020. What is Pycharm used for? PyCharm is the most popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment ) used for the Python-based application. Pycharm is developed by the Czech … Read more